February 12, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day Five

For today’s update, I want to just copy a letter we recieved from Amy Cornelius. She says it much better than I could say it.

February 11, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day Four (and a half)

This is a quick update with a praise and a prayer request. The team has recieved an invitation to enjoy dinner tomorrow evening with the Mayor of Santa Cruz del Quiche! Please lift them up in prayer as they prepare for this incredibly providential encounter. Pray that God would show favor on this relationship and […]

February 11, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day Four

The Guatemala Team tells me that yesterday was an excellent day as well! The mapping team mapped over 100 city blocks and is now almost completed with their task! This is monumental as we did not expect them to complete the entire city in one trip. The medical team was able to see over 75 […]

February 10, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day Three

I spoke to Sean a short while ago and he confirms that the trip has gone very well so far! Other than a few sunburns, everything seems to be moving along even better than planned! Thanks so much for your prayers. Below I’ve listed a few specific ways that you can pray today. Sean, Pastor […]

February 9, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day Two

I received an update today from Colin Hoffman who said that the clinic was able to see over 50 people today and the mappers were able to map over 100 blocks! Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray faithfully!

February 8, 2009

Guatemala Update :: Day One

I spoke to Sean this afternoon and the team arrived and got through the airport with absolutely no problems! There was some concern the the large amount of medications that they took into the country would cause problems as they went through customs, but there were no hold ups at all. When I spoke to […]

February 7, 2009

Guatemala Team

Today the first team from Frederick Boulevard will be flying to Guatemala for the first trip in our new partnership with the city of Santa Cruz del Quiche. Please keep this trip in prayer during the week. Pray for the safety of each one who is going. Pray that God’s will and plan will be […]

February 4, 2009

Welcome to the new site!

We are very glad that you decided to stop by and check out the new site! Although the site is now operational, we still have a few pieces left to setup. Thanks for being patient with us as we slowly set up each of these sections. Soon this page will feature a running commentary of […]

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