Gena Wilson in Scotland

The Scotland tour bus doesn’t stop in Gena’s neighborhood. The concrete buildings and dirty streets stand in stark contrast to the country’s rolling green hills and tall stone castles.

The beauty isn’t too far from her flat, but missionary Gena Wilson chooses to live in an area of Glasgow she describes as “urban-deprived.” She also calls it home. This is the place where God has asked her to live for 17 years.

On a brief walk down a neighborhood street, Gena makes time to talk to Max who works at the barber shop, the woman who runs the corner café, a couple of students skipping school and a heroin junkie. For her, being totally His is about a life yielded to God’s plans, not her own.

“God calls us as believers to get alongside folks who don’t know Him … so that we show them Jesus, so that we can show them the cross is enough,” says Gena.

Gena depends on your prayers and your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Because of your giving, another missionary couple has joined Gena’s team in Glasgow.

Pray for Gena who faced a return of lymphoma and returned the U.S. for treatment. As of August 2013 she was cancer free. Pray with Gena that she will be able to return to Scotland soon.

In the meantime, pray for her teammates, TJ and Dena Odom, as they continue the work Gena began in Glasgow.

This information was gathered from You can see more information about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering or the Week of Prayer for international missions there.