Burmese immigrants in Thailand

Imagine being one of the few Southern Baptist missionary couples working among 2.5 million Burmese living in the southern part of Thailand who do not know Jesus.

Scott and Alyssa Branding* know God is working and those who came for a better life can receive it. They know because local leaders like Aung Kyaw* are on fire with the Gospel, ready to absorb the training the Brandings provide, ready to be totally His.

Aung Kyaw, a fruit buyer who interacts with both Thais and Burmese, is passionate about Bible study. “I understand this!” he exclaims as the Brandings show him more and more about God’s Word.

Scott shares in the excitement of helping a new Christian come to know the Gospel. “I love the opportunity to train the nationals, so they can train nationals, so they can impact people — because that 2.5 million people is such a big number!”

Both Aung Kyaw and the Brandings are grateful to Southern Baptists who make divine encounters possible through their gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

“The [offering] helps us stay here, helps us be face to face, helps us to show compassion to people when they’re hurting, helps us to be [His] hands and feet,” says Scott.

“The Gospel is going out, and when the Gospel goes out, it will not return void.”

*Names changed.

Pray God will continue to raise up national leaders among the Burmese living in Thailand.

This information was gathered from www.imb.org. You can see more information about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering or the Week of Prayer for international missions there.