Beging June 14 :: Sunday Mornings @ 9AM

Relational, relevant and edgy, the new GOSPEL Journey® Maui spiritual reality series is all about real questions and real conversations. Seven young strangers with diverse spiritual worldviews and a Preacher/Wannabe-Surfer named Greg Stier hung out for an entire week in Maui. Together, they went surfing and snorkeling, rode a zipline, watched the sun rise over Haleakala, hiked Molokai, toured a leper colony, and had intense, spiritual conversations.

Each day, Greg introduced a new question, triggering intense spiritual dialogue and a tidal wave of emotions. “Is there a higher power? What is the purpose of life? What happens when we die?” Ultimately it boiled down to this: Can everyone be right?

We will follow the cast on their journey to discover the truth ove the next 9 weeks! Don’t miss a week!

You can find more info on Dare2Share’s Web site. Just click here.