Today the first team from Frederick Boulevard will be flying to Guatemala for the first trip in our new partnership with the city of Santa Cruz del Quiche. Please keep this trip in prayer during the week. Pray for the safety of each one who is going. Pray that God’s will and plan will be accomplished during this next week. Pray that strong lasting relationships will be built during this week. Most of all pray that God will be working on the hearts of the Quiche people that they might be open to hearing the greatest and most important message ever told. I challenge you to pray for these things daily and to pray for the ones going by name for the next week.

Amber Hayes
Amy Cornelius
Renee Hickman
Daryl Morrison
Megan Morrison
Laurel Herzog
Colin Hoffman
Sue Ellen Ray
Stan Kapp
Patricia Kapp
Robert Weaver
Dawn Weaver
Steven Brushwood
Cody Cornelius
Paul Fisher
Sean Frazier