For today’s update, I want to just copy a letter we recieved from Amy Cornelius. She says it much better than I could say it.

Yesterday was a very full day! The clinic saw 79 patients. The morning had many patients with physical symptoms to social issues.
There was one 20 year old gal who came in. After some discussion she shared her father was physically abusing her and her grandmother. The daughter had many marks on her body from her alcoholic fathers rage. The grandmother was hit by him last week with a baseball bat to the back. Renee and Laurel were able to talk to her some in triage but Sue Ellen was able to talk with her to greater depth in exam room. She was prayed with several times by Laurel, Renne and Sue Ellen. We also had Lola (Pastor David’s wife) visit with her so someone at the  church knew her situation and can follow up in the days ahead.
Another patient yesterday came in describing headaches but after visiting with her more she shared she lost her husband 3 years ago, her father-in-law 1 1/2 years ago and her mother 1 year ago. She is trying to financially provide for her 4 children. When I (Amy) asked her if I could pray with her she began to weep. When we were done praying she continued crying but yet thanking me over and over again for just listening. She shared she was  a strong believer and the only reason she is able to wake in the morning is because of the Lord.
When Steve began praying with a middle aged man yesterday the man dropped to his knees lifted his hands into the air and began praying and weeping as well. Last night in our devotion we were all talking about the openness these people seem to have to the things of the Lord. Although we would love to “fix” these difficult situations we know its only the Lord, His love and the change He can make in their life that will bring lasting difference in their life.
One woman yesterday grabbed Renee as she was leaving, gave her a big hug and thanked us so much for coming. She said she could tell a huge difference in everyone on our teams attitude and actions. She said she saw Jesus in the love we seemed to have for the people we were working with. God has been so good to begin to show some at least the reason why we’re really here.
One of our translators (Jose) invited us over for dinner last night. Hosting 16 people in your home is a huge task in the states with all of our convenience. Yet Jose’s wife prepared an amazing meal in a very small kitchen over an open fire. We were very blessed by their generosity. Jose is an avocado farmer and made fresh Guacamole for us. It was amazing!
Oh, this evening we are going to dinner at the home of the Mayor of Santa Cruz. His wife goes to church at Pastor David’s church and wanted to host us in their home. Please pray we will represent Christ and be a blessing to them.
As it is our last clinic day and we are all beginning to get tired pray we will finish the race strong. Pray that God will bring the patients he wills and we will be able to show them Christ in everything we do. The mapping team worked so hard at the beginning of the week and were so efficient they finished mapping the city. They are now branching out to some of the outlining areas. Pray God will keep them safe and God will give them direction in knowing where to go.
God has blessed us so much already through the Quiche people! Thank you all for your prayers!