The Guatemala Team tells me that yesterday was an excellent day as well! The mapping team mapped over 100 city blocks and is now almost completed with their task! This is monumental as we did not expect them to complete the entire city in one trip. The medical team was able to see over 75 patients yesterday which is amazing! Thankfully they have had 4 translators who have been working extremely hard to help them accomplish their ministry. The team was also able to help participate in a local worship service last night which they tell me was very exciting. I’ve updated this post with a few new pictures that they sent and you will find updated prayer requests below.

  • Please continue to pray for the medical team as they serve today. Dawn Weaver is the pharmacist for the team and woke up this morning not feeling well. Please pray for her health. 
  • The mapping team is intent on completing their task today. Please pray for their continued success. Once the city is completed they are going to assume a new task of helping map a neighboring city for some missionaries who are trying to research new areas. Please pray that they would be able to accomplish this as well. 
  • One of the team’s translators has invited the entire team to his home tonight for dinner. Please pray that they would be able to develop strong and lasting relationships with this family. Pray that they can help lead the family towards Christ. Pray that this family might be able to help facilitate the establishment of a local church in Santa Cruz.