Here’s the latest from Amy Cornelius. Please pray specifically for the team as they have a lot of driving today and then some well deserved relaxation after a long week of ministry. 

Some of us are sitting on the bus while others grab a bit of breakfast and coffee at Pollo Campero. Its become such a huge part of our trip. Its a little sad to leave even it.
Yesterday was an amazing day! We saw 82 patients before 3:00. It was our shortest day and we ended up seeing the most people. We saw a total of 304 patients for the week. As it was the last day we only had certain medications left. Wednesday night and Thursday we prayed the Lord would bring us patients that matched the medications we had. He came through the entire day. Every single patient we saw yesterday we were able to give the exact medication they needed with alot of extra at the end of the day Those medications  were were able to given for follow-up of these same patients and for Roger and Vikki’s ministry. Isn’t it amazing how God is such a God of details and comes through in even the smallest way. The mapping team came to the clinic and prayed with all the patients as they were waiting to be seen. It is amazing the unity felt while praying, even if its in a different language. 
Last nights church service was overwhelming. The love that these people had for us and their generosity blessed us way more than I think we blessed them. Pastor David called us to the front of the church and prayed for each one of us and our team. Then alot of the people of the church came up and gave us purses for the girls and man bags for the guys. Their were alot of tears from all of us. Then we went to the Mayors home where they had a beautiful meal prepared for us. They wanted us to feel at home which I’m confident we all did by the end of the evening. They were very kind and gracious and gave us all small woven baskets with Guatemalan candy inside. To find out that the Mayor of the city of Santa Cruz is a believer was amazing! The joy of having someone in such position in the city we have adopted is a unexpected blessing to reaching the city for Christ. 
We are now headed for a lengthy bus ride and some site seeing and shopping. Lord willing we’ll be in Guatemala city safe and sound tonight and headed home early in the morning