Community Group – Youth

Student Community Groups

Christ::Each Other::Serving

Those four words describe what we want for every student who attends a Community Group. Our aim is that students will experience the love of God through Jesus, our Savior and will be loved by godly adults. Our adult volunteers make it their job to know and care for their student.

Bible Study in Community Groups

Bible study is what we do! In fact, our adults build relationships with students because we believe that God’s Word is best taught in the context of relationships. Each age group and gender has a prayerfully selected adult volunteer who has a growing relationship with Christ. They help guide students in their own walk of faith.

Girls Guys
11-12 Grade – Teachers: Darcy Wing, Stephanie Craven 11-12 Grade – Teachers: Cyndi Jorgensen
9-10 Grade – Teachers: Katie Jenkins 9-10 Grade – Teachers: Mark Wing
7-8 Grade – Teachers: Jay Arn, Josh Craven 7-8 Grade – Teachers: Jamie King, Chris Kimsey, Guy Jenkins, Jeff Montgomery

See You Sunday!