What can I expect my first time at Frederick Boulevard?

We know it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you’re not exactly sure about the details that matter to you. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the church to give you a picture of what Frederick Boulevard looks like week to week and hopefully address issues important to you.

What if I’m not used to going to church?

That’s a fantastic question, and we are glad you asked it. We work to make sure that you will find our church to be a comfortable place. We want you to know that we recognize that no one is perfect and each of us is at a different place in our spiritual growth. We want you to know that you are welcome to come be a part of our services at Frederick Boulevard if you want to find out more about our faith. We hope that you find our church to be a place where you can have your questions answered in a non-threatening atmosphere.

What should I wear?

At Frederick Boulevard we want you to wear what’s comfortable. You will see many people who wear jeans and you will see some that even wear suits. You wear what’s appropriate for you.

How do I get to a service?

We are very easy to find. We are located at the intersection of Riverside Road and Frederick Boulevard. Click here for specific directions.

What about my kids?

We have an incredible Children’s Ministry! We love children, from infants to teenagers! You can find out more about KidsLife by clicking here.

Can I invite my friends?

Please do. We want to be a welcoming faith family that encourages you to reach out and bring new people with you.

What kind of church is Frederick Boulevard?

We are faith family that seeks to base all that we do on the Bible. We partner with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Missouri Baptist Convention and the St. Joseph Baptist Association for missions efforts.

These answers were okay, but how can I find out more about the church?

You can either email info@frederickboulevard.com or call us at 816-233-2824