Guest Speakers

This is our collection of sermons preached by guest speakers. God has really used these men to lead our congregation in powerful ways; it is our hope He leads you in the same way as you listen to these messages!


Sermon Date Sermon Title Sermon Speaker
May 6, 2012 Message from 2 Peter 1:3-9 Gary Wiggins
November 23, 2012 God Never Fails David Kaster
February 25, 2013 Jesus – Our High Priest Steve Quinn
July 9, 2013 I AM, I think David Kaster
August 19, 2013 In View of a Call David Kaster
December 29, 2013 The Most Dangerous Word Ever Spoken David Kaster
April 13, 2014 Christ in the Passover Peter Nasser
May 5, 2014 Keeping the Faith Paul Damery
July 20, 2014 A Fish Story David Kaster
July 27 , 2014 The Church That Does NOT Make A Difference David Kaster
August 10 , 2014 Embracing God’s Vision for His Church Paul Damery
September 7 , 2014 Answers In Genesis Tommy Mitchell