Every one of us has experienced it at some point. At one time, we were really into a relationship (whether that’s a friendship or a dating relationship) and now, well, not so much. We’re just not that into it anymore. So we walk away or we let the relationship die. But what happens when that relationship you’re not that into anymore is the one you have with God? You were really into Him at one point. You were feeling connected, directed, close. Now it feels like nothing. How do you deal with it?

Sep. 30 :: The Break Up?My relationship with God has moments when I feel close, and moments when I’m just not that into Him.

Oct. 7 :: Fight For MeGod never leaves, but sometimes I have to fight my own feelings and actions to stay in relationship with Him.

Oct. 14 :: Do You Know Me?When I am so focused on me, I can miss seeing God for Who He really is and make Him into someone who is easy to walk away from.