Last Wednesday, we ended with the question, “What in your life needs to die so you can live?” I want to encourage you to continue thinking about that question between now and the next time we meet. Do some real soul-searching so that your answer to that question will be more authentic and God-directed.

To do that, prayerfully think through these questions:

  • What consumes your thought life?
  • Do you try to control everyone and everything around you?
  • Do you get angry quickly?
  • How do you treat others (parents, siblings, friends, etc.)?
  • Do you struggle with insecure feelings? Do you struggle with feeling not appreciated? (Both can reveal a problem with pride.)
  • Is there an area of your life that you say “hands off” to God?
  • What area (or areas) of your life is ruled by something or someone other than God?

Ask God to reveal one thing in your life that you need to die to. I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will reveal those things to you.